It’s all happened before…

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Yes, there is nothing new about couples marrying with an age difference of 40 years or more.  Here are just a few of the more prominent individuals who were married that way:

Age Difference: 40 Years
Pablo Picasso… to Françoise Gilot

41 Years
Clint Eastwood… to Erica Tomlinson-Fisher

42 Years
Leopold Stokowski… to Gloria Vanderbilt

43 Years
Mick Jagger… to Melanie Hamrick

46 Years
Dick Van Dyke… to Arlene Silver

47 Years
Anthony Quinn… to Kathy Benvin

60 Years
Hugh Hefner… to Kendra Wilkinson

So, what else is new?

Marrying for a second time at a later age is a very positive way of embracing life and happiness. It’s definitely working for me!

Though this doesn’t mean that YOU need to try and put a marriage together with a larger than customary age difference.  At the same time, the way I see it, chronological age shouldn’t be a consideration in choosing a compatible partner anyway.  If you wanted to go by physical condition, like maybe blood pressure readings, mental acuity, and how well you perform on a treadmill in comparison to each other, that might be more useful.  Mind you, happiness and harmony probably can be nurtured and found by what may look to the rest of the world as totally incompatible individuals.  AND, one’s logical reasoning (as shown in historical practice) is not necessarily the best guide for ensuring that attraction blossoms into love and long-term bliss.  Although my gut tells me that being able to use some reason also may be helpful, maybe even wise, considering the long-term consequences.